Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photos/Review: De La Soul @ Indig02 (London, UK)

De La Soul @ Indig02 (London, UK) - December 4, 2011
Photos & Review: Rhona (Wiglet Bill) Aquilina

Warming up the crowd Sunday evening for De La Soul are the rock/hip hop collaboration from South West London, Clement Marfo & the Frontline. The outfit has recently been signed to Warner and have been touring in support of the likes of Florence & the Machine and Example. I must admit that they weren’t really my cup of tea, but they were enthusiastic and full of energy and warmed the room up nicely.

But the truth is that De La Soul don’t really need anyone to warm their crowd up for them because they are masters at it. Plugs 1, 2 & 3 hit the stage and within seconds the crowd were serenading them, chanting "De la, de la, de laaaaa." When Posdnuos addressed the balcony, “I know we got seats up there, but stand the fuck up!” the crowd were happy to oblige and remained on their feet and dancing for the whole show.

De La Soul ripped through classics like "Oooh!," "Potholes In My Lawn," "Stakes is High," "Ego Trippin," "Saturdays," "Magic Number" and "Me Myself & I." The band confessed that sometimes they look at each other and say "we have to do this shit again… same songs, same fucking routine," but thanked the crowd for their enthusiasm adding that this is what makes it all worthwhile.

Mase took time to survey the audience from the stage, calling for the twenty-somethings to raise their hands and continuing up through the 30’s and 40’s. He was delighted to find there were some fifty-somethings in the audience and proclaimed “That’s it, that’s what hip hop is, it’s for everyone!”

Needless-to-say, the multifarious crowd were united in an excellent night of call & response and hand bouncing.


Two nights before their headlining performance at Indig02, De La Soul made a surprise appearance with Damon Albarn during a special Gorillaz Sound System event at the 100 Club in London. Read more about that over at Being & Nothingness. Below, check out some more photos from the Indig02 performance, as well as some YouTube videos...