Thursday, December 8, 2011

HELL YES: Blur Meeting Up Over Christmas, Plotting 2012 Plans

These and many more people would be stoked to see Blur live again.

This is the kind of early Christmas present we absolutely love around here. According to an exclusive interview with NME, Alex James - bassist of a beloved little British band called Blur - has confirmed that he and his bandmates will be meeting up again for a Christmas drink. The difference between their Christmas drinks and yours, however, is that they'll be firming up their plans for 2012, which will include (probably) recording new material and (potentially) touring the UK and beyond.

Definitely a few maybes in that sentence, but when the man who has pretty famously delayed a full Blur reunion due to cheese farming (yeah) says he's on board with trotting out new stuff with the band, you stand up and pay attention. James doesn't necessarily believe the new music will come out in an album format or know what it would sound like as of yet, but considering the 8 million other influences his bandmates have had over the years, it'll be great to see how it all comes together.

We'll very excitedly keep you posted on any further updates. Check out their Glastonbury 2009 performance of "Tracy Jacks" below, because it's awesome and I felt like putting it there.


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