Monday, December 12, 2011

Future Nostalgia -- Watch Fucked Up's "Turn The Season" (Official Music Video)

This shot will never not be funny. More photos of Fucked Up @ Webster Hall here.

As one of our premiere Future Nostalgia bands, we're extremely psyched that Toronto hardcore punk band Fucked Up have had such an awesome year. Basically every music news outlet in the world has dubbed their latest release David Comes To Life one of the Best of 2011, and SPIN Magazine has gone ahead and just given them the top spot on their list as well.

So might as well top it all off with a new music video, right? Matablog points to the new clip for "Turn The Season," which was shot during the SPIN photo shoot for the album's artwork. Check it out below and Spotify the whole LP if you haven't yet done so to see why they've totally earned all the props they've received. And if you're in New York, once you've done all THAT, shell out the $10 it'll take to get you in to see the band rock out live this Friday (12/16) at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

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