Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photos: Fishbone @ Brooklyn Bowl (Early and Late shows)

Fishbone @ Brooklyn Bowl – November 13, 2011
Photos: Carrie Jordan

On Sunday, the infamous ska/rock/funk/punk legends Fishbone took over Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl to play two full sets—one acoustic (a rarity for the group) and one full on Fishbone-style. As evidenced by the photos, it appeared to be all the wackiness and insanity you’d expect from Angelo Moore (a.k.a. Dr. Madd Vibe) and company, who have been going strong in one formation or another since 1979. H.R., frontman for a little band named Bad Brains (who coincidentally also played an opening set for Big Audio Dynamite at Brooklyn Bowl last August), made a very special appearance with the band.

Fishbone released the EP Crazy Glue last month and are reportedly working on a new full length album, their first since 2006. Our photographer Carrie Jordan caught both shows for us, and you can take a look at her photos below…

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