Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Listen: Sonic Youth's First-Ever Live Recording From 1981

More photos and a review of Sonic Youth @ Williamsburg Waterfront over here!

Holy weird coincidences, Batman. Apparently Thanksgiving week is the time when a bunch of YouTubers unearth a bunch of old, "lost," or otherwise rare tracks from our favorite nostalgic artists - first Radiohead, then Elliott Smith, and now Sonic Youth.

As Matador Press recently tweeted, "Untitled" was the band's first-ever recorded foray into the world of noise rock on which they would build a career that would have an indelible impact on modern music (and which is hopefully not over yet). It was captured lived during Noise Fest at NYC's White Columns in June 1981, and it sounds about as trippy and experimental as one would expect from the future masters of the genre. Check it out after the jump.

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