Thursday, November 3, 2011

Check Out A Recording Of Nirvana At Cambridge's Man Ray In 1990

With all the attention that's been paid over this past year to the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, it's interesting to look back at Nirvana before the creation of the album that would catapult them to worldwide attention and change the course of modern music as we knew it. Former WFNX DJ Duane Bruce has done just that, and thanks to him and The Boston Phoenix we now have a new stream of the band's pre-Nevermind, pre-Dave Grohl performance at Cambridge's Man Ray on April 18, 1990.

The stream consists primarily of songs from their 1989 debut Bleach, but it's hard to not feel a chill when you hear them introduce "Breed" and "In Bloom" and speak excitedly about their upcoming album Nevermind. Check it out in full below along with the setlist from that night - the recording ends on "Stain," but Nirvana also played "Negative Creep," "Blew," and "Stay Away." (Thanks to PFork for the tip!)

01 Live Set by Duane Bruce

Nirvana @ Man Ray, 4/18/90

Floyd The Barber
Love Buzz [Shocking Blue cover]
About A Girl
Spank Thru
In Bloom
Big Cheese
Molly's Lips [Vaselines cover]
Been A Son
Negative Creep
Stay Away