Friday, November 4, 2011

Bid On Ed O'Brien's (Radiohead) Kid A Guitar To Aid The Billie Butterfly Fund

Being as focused on musical nostalgia as we are, we're also pretty partial to musical artifacts - be they recordings of old shows, audition posters, what have you. Which makes it all the more interesting to us when FN favorites Radiohead not only offer up a crucial piece of their history, but do so for a great cause.

According to Clash Music, guitarist Ed O'Brien has offered up the Fender Telecaster he purchased in the summer of 1998 for auction on eBay to assist in a fundraising campaign for Billie Brainbridge, a 4-year-old British girl who was recently diagnosed with an inoperable form of brain stem cancer. The proceeds with go toward Billie's treatment in America - you can find out more about Billie and how you can help at the Billie Butterfly Fund website.

Radiohead fans will recognize that guitar as the one O'Brien used pretty much exclusively during the recording of the band's now-classic album Kid A and its follow-up Amnesiac. It's signed by all five members of Radiohead (nice signature there, Colin) and comes with a note of authenticity. Definitely bid on it if you can't, or visit the Fund's site above to find out about more ways you can help Billie and her family.

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