Thursday, October 6, 2011

Watch: Portishead On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Still can't get over this shot of Beth Gibbons crowdsurfing at ATP I'll Be Your Mirror.
As we've mentioned, the legendary Portishead have been doing everything in their power to rock the hell out of the NYC, from outstanding performances at this past weekend's ATP I'll Be Your Mirror Festival in NJ (more on that here) to two more shows at Hammerstein Ballroom in the city proper these past two nights. 

Last night, they hit up Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for their first U.S. television appearance since 1998 to perform their post-Third single for Amnesty International "Chase The Tear," along with Dummy leadoff track "Mysterons" as a web exclusive. Why are you still reading this. Watch them both below.

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