Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Listen To David Lynch's "Crazy Clown Time" (The Title Track) Now

Remember that time we told you that acclaimed bizarre filmmaker and TV director David Lynch is putting out an album called Crazy Clown Time next month (November 8)? Well that's... still happening, and now you can stream the title track of said album below. It sounds very much like something David Lynch would put out, which is less a cop-out of a description than an honestly accurate one.

You can also download it on David Lynch's Facebook page if you dig it. Check out the full tracklist below as well, along with that modified Mulholland Drive clip from last time because it's still very funny to me. CRAZY CLOWN TIME
Track Listing

1.“Pinky’s Dream” (feat. Karen O.)
2.“Good Day Today”
3.“So Glad”
4.“Noah’s Ark”
5."Football Game”
6.“I Know”
7.“Strange and Unproductive Thinking”
8.“The Night Bell With Lightning”
9.“Stone’s Gone Up”
10.“Crazy Clown Time”
11.“These Are My Friends”
12.“Speed Roadster”
13.“Movin’ On”
14.“She Rise Up”

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