Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Download R.E.M.'s "Cassette Set" 1981 Demo Tape

Image via The Power of Independent Trucking
Whoa. Seems like a lot of interesting surprises are coming to light in the wake of R.E.M.'s recent breakup - first, a compilation consisting of cuts from the past 29 years of the band's career, and now the extremely rare Cassette Set from the band's pre-Murmur days. 

Recorded in April 1981, the set consists of multiple early takes of "Sitting Still," "Radio Free Europe," and "White Tornado," and is available for download in lossless FLAC format from The Power of Independent Trucking - where you'll also find a LOT more info on the history behind the tape. Considering that it was previously only released to 300 journalists over 30 years ago, this is definitely worth a listen for any R.E.M. fan.

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