Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CMJ 2011 Preview: +/- {Plus/Minus} (10/21 At The Rock Shop)

As we mentioned recently, we're psyched to have the opportunity to cover the upcoming CMJ 2011 Music Marathon here in NYC. In the weeks prior to the festival, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the artists and bands we're most interested in checking out.

While this choice is a bit more out of nowhere than Shonen Knife, I'm personally very excited to see hometown band +/- {Plus/Minus} again for the first time in... probably several years now. Spun off from the '90s indie rock group Versus (yes, that's a nod to Mission of Burma), they're one of the few bands I enjoy that pretty much none of my friends seems to know about... which I guess means I'm doing a shitty job of converting fans, but it feels kinda cool to listen to something that feels uniquely yours. Whatever.

Even so, you should definitely come see them at CMJ's Nicodemus Agency Showcase down at the Rock Shop  on Friday, October 21 for like $10. I've had the pleasure of seeing them live twice so far in all the time I've lived in NYC, and every time has been a total blast. Get acquainted with albums like Let's Build A FireXs On Your Eyes, and their recent compilation of unreleased material Pulled Punches, and check out one of my favorite songs of theirs ("The Queen of Detroit") after the jump. Yes, +/- fans can get pretty hardcore like that.

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