Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Watch (Seriously, Do It): Radiohead On The Colbert Report, 9/26

The Radiohead NYC Takeover picked up a huge amount of steam last night, as the band followed up their appearance on your aunt's favorite late-night comedy program Saturday Night Live by stopping by one of OUR favorite shows, The Colbert Report. Unlike the Saturday performance, Thom, Ed, and the gang were extremely well integrated into the entire episode of the show, bantering with Television Face (Stephen Colbert) in two separate interviews and rolling through the piano-driven burner "The Daily Mail," highlights from The King of Limbs ("Bloom" and "Little By Little"), and in a surprise twist even "The National Anthem" off of the beloved Kid A.

As astutely predicted by FN reader (and longtime friend of mine) DaFlavah, the format and pacing of The Colbert Report really did bring a palpable sense of levity and humor to Radiohead's appearance last night that was comparatively lacking in the SNL performance. Thom and Ed looked extremely relaxed as they fielded Colbert's questions, which in turn led to a ton of genuinely funny exchanges during the special hour-long show from a band whose career has often centered on an unimpeachable mystique. From the hipster paramedic to the Dr. Pepper Flavor Zone to Thom Yorke's Lion Attack, everything was tight and spot-on, leading to an episode that's definitely now perma-saved on my DVR.

But hey, you can also stream the entire thing over at Colbert Nation if you missed it or just wanna rewatch. Oh, and you can also check out exclusive, web-only performances of "Morning Mr. Magpie" and "Codex" after the jump, because this whole thing was too fucking good.

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