Sunday, September 25, 2011

WATCH: Radiohead On Saturday Night Live (9/24)

Live from New York, It's BASS FACE!
The recently-announced yet somehow still long-awaited Radiohead NYC Takeover began tonight on a program very few other New Yorkers I know watch much anymore, Saturday Night Live. The band (including Clive Deamer on ongoing co-drumming duty) rocked through The King of Limbs' "Lotus Flower," as well as non-album stunner "Staircase," and as always our friends at The Audio Perv got that footage online with a quickness.

Check them out below, and - if you're lucky - score tickets to see them at Roseland on the 28th or 29th on Monday. Or maybe buy an ATP ticket, just in case. Either way, expect even more televised awesome when they get even more airtime on The Colbert Report this Monday night. Can you tell we're keeping our eyes on this?


  1. Wow...lotus flower isn't their most sterling moment live-wise...Thom is a little off of those vox, no?

  2. Eh, some songs are unfortunately hit or miss, as with any band; LF on the TKOL tv special def had stronger vocals for example. Poses the question if Stephen can bring out what the snl set didn't: a sense of levity and humor that brings out an even more relaxed, free flowing performance. I'd forgotten Clive still sported the cue ball look, at first I thought they were using some sort of mirror backdrop