Thursday, September 22, 2011

Technically Nostalgic: Spin Doctors Add A Brooklyn Bowl Show, You People Sicken Me

I feel like the guy in the background of this shot must've been full of murderous rage.

...Yeah, so remember that time I mentioned that the "totally-sincerely-legendary" '90s band the Spin Doctors would be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their "legitimately-more-important-than-Nevermind" album Pocket Full of Kryptonite with a two-CD reissue and a US club tour? Welllll, it turns out that apparently no one caught that I was being sarcastic, because their October 13 show at Bowery Ballroom is now SOLD OUT. I have no words for that.

But are you actually bummed that you didn't get a ticket? Well a.) what the..., and b.) I bet you'll be pleased to hear that they've recently added another NYC show that'll be taking place ten days later (October 23) at Brooklyn Bowl. Tickets are on still sale for that, you baffling weirdos. I imagine that the audiences at these shows will consist entirely of people who own the complete series of Friends on DVD and the nutjobs who have been spamming BrooklynVegan comments with Spin Doctors references.

Seriously. What the HELL.


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