Friday, September 9, 2011

Radiohead's "The King of Limbs" Remix Series Vol. 6 Is Streaming + Jonny's Performing In Poland

...But this picture of Colin still haunts our nightmares.
Yeah guys, I'm honestly still reeling from that Patti Smith show last night... but when Radiohead says they're doing stuff, you buck the hell up and report it. Music blogging!

The sixth part of their TKOL RMX series is now available on their blog for streaming, and it features remixes of "Good Morning Mr. Magpie" (here called "Good Evening Mrs. Magpie" - yeah I chuckled) and "Bloom" by Modeselektor and Objekt respectively. One more part to go and this project will be wrapped up in a neat little package.

In other news, the band's guitar virtuoso Jonny Greenwood also announced on Dead Air Space that he'd be in Poland this weekend for a series of live performances and collaborations with Aphex Twin, Steve Reich, and more. Those will of course be streaming, so head over to that post for links and more info.

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