Thursday, September 29, 2011

Portishead Is Also Playing Jimmy Fallon Next Week (10/5)

Image via Sleepy Son
Right. So at this point I feel I owe begrudging but admittedly deserved props to Jimmy Fallon for pulling off something neither Stephen Colbert or his old cohorts at SNL could achieve: having both Radiohead AND Portishead on his show the same week. Portishead will stop by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on October 5, just two days after Radiohead's scheduled appearance and on the second night of their two-day residency at Hammerstein Ballroom. Not a bad way to follow up a week of hanging out with Pink Floyd members, Jimmy. Cheers to Prefix Magazine for the tip.

No word on what song(s) they'll play yet, but my money's on "Machine Gun" off of their latest LP Third so check out their Jools Holland performance of that song from a couple of years ago below. Prior to the Fallon appearance and the Hammerstein shows, they'll be at this ATP Festival you may have heard of, and we'll keep you posted on how that goes as well.

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