Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Technically Nostalgic: Scott Weiland Covers My Favorite Radiohead Song, Ensures That I Hate Him Forever

I. Want. To. Punch. You.
I haven't been semi-rationally angry at something in the music world in awhile, so time for another installment of... Technically Nostalgic!

According to Stereogum, Scott Weiland - frontdouche of the Stone Temple Pilots - is grasping at nostalgic relevancy by releasing a digital-only compilation of cover songs done by far cooler veteran artists (with the exception of The Smiths). We're talking faaaaar cooler... like The Beatles, David Bowie, Nirvana. And Radiohead.

Guess which of those covers pisses me off the most.

It's not even that Weiland goes after the obvious choices like so many others before him, like "Creep" or "Paranoid Android." No. He goes after the ONE SONG that absolutely solidified my allegiance to Radiohead when I first heard it on huge headphones in the dark so many years ago and gave me an emotional catharsis that few other songs have achieved - "Let Down." I actually wrote about that here one time.

To be sort of fair, it's not a bad rendition if you enjoy Scott Weiland, have never heard the original, and have doused your ears in acid. But if you HAVE heard and love the original, then this will likely make you want to join me in wanting to kick Scott Weiland square in the nuts. Repeatedly.

Check it out. And then  palate cleanse with the REAL (live) version after the jump.


  1. Ugh.
    I felt that angry when I had to listen to Weezer cover (and destroy) MY favourite radiohead song.

  2. Damn, yeah. Thanks for understanding my blinding rage.