Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photos: Big Audio Dynamite / H.R. (Human Rights) @ Brooklyn Bowl

Big Audio Dynamite
Big Audio Dynamite @ Brooklyn Bowl - August 3, 2011

The last time I caught the recently reunited Big Audio Dynamite, it was at the much larger Roseland Ballroom in front of 3,000 or so fans back in April. This time around, B.A.D. chose to play the much more intimate Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg in front of a sold out crowd of 600 or so people. And what a crowd of people it was. Behind me, two separate scuffles broke out (both over people not being able to handle their liquor) and next to me, a guy who thought I really wanted to hear his life story of going to concerts and (not joking) getting a blowjob in the crowd of a Clash show in 1979.

Now that I've seriously disturbed you, let's get back to the music. As expected, B.A.D. sounded great, playing mostly material off of This Is Big Audio Dynamite, with Mick Jones looking as lively as ever and Don Letts stealing the show with his excellent toasting skills. Also need to mention that bassist Leo Williams has the longest dreadlocks I've ever seen (they go past his knees). When all is said and done, B.A.D. are definitely one of the better bands to reunite and still sound as good as they should, without it seeming like a cash-in or sell out.

Opening the show was H.R. (Human Rights), the solo project of the Bad Brains' frontman of the same name. While I sort of expected that most of his set would be heavy on the reggae (and it was), he and his band did launch into the great Bad Brains song "Re-ignition" which I wasn't expecting at all. H.R. has definitely mellowed over the years, as he is no longer the maniacal performer he once was. But his onstage charisma and stage banter definitely made me smile his entire set, so it was totally worth it to see him in the end.

Below, check out a full set of photos of both bands, as well as video of Big Audio Dynamite's performance on Jimmy Fallon (which was also last night) via the Audio Perv...

H.R. (Human Rights)

Big Audio Dynamite


  1. Thanks.Surely a great concert!!!

  2. great show! one of my favorite bands from the 80's. It was amazing how much fun Mick and the boys were having on stage. Hope they come around again, I won't miss it!