Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watch: LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends" Unofficial Video... in LEGO

Our mission here at Fucking Nostalgic is to share totally awesome things with you, the reader (and occasionally make fun of the Spin Doctors). Which is why it brings me great pleasure to share this as my third video-related post in a row: a shot-by-shot recreation of the music video for "All My Friends" by one of my favorite (Newly Nostalgic) bands, LCD Soundsystem... shot entirely with LEGOs.

I've spent the past few months telling friends / coworkers / random passersby that LCD's final show at Madison Square Garden this past April was the Stop Making Sense of our generation. High praise for sure, but seeing both tributes to the band like this as well as reliving moments from the show via YouTube clips never fails to stir up the feeling that LCD Soundsystem was a really special phenomenon in modern music.

Check the video out above, and feel free to compare it to the original official video below the jump. Even LCD frontman James Murphy was blown away by it.