Friday, July 15, 2011

Technically Nostalgic: Listen To The New Red Hot Chili Peppers Single

...Because admit it, you're curious too.

If you existed in the '90s and had access to electricity, there was no doubt that you've heard at least three songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers a minimum of 900,000 times. You may not have kept up with them too much since, aside from Flea's foray into acting / nihilism, his completely unexpected alliance with Thom Yorke, or that "By The Way" song that was everywhere.

But yeah, they're back - minus guitarist John Frusciante and plus new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer (the dude they're shaving above) - with their 10th album, I'm With You.  It's set to drop on 8/30, and the first single, "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" (yep) was originally scheduled to come out this Monday 7/18.

That seems to have changed, because thanks to the good folks at Some Kind of Awesome you can check that single out right now. And, despite the tone of this post so far, I've gotta say... I kinda like it! It's basically the oldschool RHCP sound I liked as a kid, and I am totally cool with that. And the ending is nice and funky, thanks to Flea's always-trusty bass skills.

So yeah, check it out. I also threw in the video for "Under The Bridge" because a.) it really is an awesome song, and b.) that sequence of Anthony Kiedis running down the sidewalk will forever be burned into our collective consciousness.

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