Monday, July 11, 2011

Rumor: Radiohead To Begin Touring... Next Month?!

It's an interesting time to be a neurotic Radiohead fan, that's for sure. In the months following the release of their stellar album The King of Limbs (yes, stellar), we've gotten blindsided by new tracks, remixes, a surprise Glastonbury set, and most recently the capturing of their From The Basement set on YouTube that I heard about at 2am at a bar.

With a new album under their belt and one live appearance, we're all naturally itching for news of a full-on tour. And, judging by a tip from our friends at One Thirty BPM, that tour might be announced much sooner than we expected thanks to a quick tweet from Jay Electronica:

While we don't yet know the exact nature of this show and its tour implications, one thing's for sure - you'd better not be messing with us, Jay Electronica. More details to come as we hear, but in the meantime feel free to bliss out to The King of Limbs' From The Basement session in full and in HD below.