Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photos: They Might Be Giants @ Apple Store SoHo

They Might Be Giants @ Apple Store SoHo - July 20th, 2011

In recent years, the Brooklyn-based They Might Be Giants have arguably become more well-known for their foray into children's music than their prolific catalog of humor-based alternative rock. Not to say the band hasn't always appealed to children. I first stumbled upon the group as an eight-year old at the constant recommendation of my good friend Josh (who will actually be photographing TMBG for us next Friday at the Williamsburg Waterfront), and I fell in love with both Flood and Apollo 18 almost instantly. I think it also helped that "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" was in that Tiny Toons episode...

Which brings us to about twenty years later, where I'm still a fan of the band and by next Friday I will have seen them twice in New York City, both times for free. TMBG are currently on tour in support of their new album Join Us, their fifteenth if your keeping count, which brought them to the Apple Store in SoHo for a somewhat intimate performance in front of at least a couple hundred seated fans.

Though the venue (shiny retail store) isn't exactly ideal for a band accustomed to certain aspects of performing live (it does feel sort of weird that there are aloof customers playing with iPads mere feet away from a band playing live), they certainly were hilarious with their stage banter and choice of songs. I can only imagine what went through the head of a typical SoHo shopper as they launched into Apollo 18's "Fingertips" in its entirety as their 2nd song.

They did play several tracks off of Join Us, and reminded us at least five times that they had a new album out (each time funnier than the last), but they didn't shy away from earlier material such as "Ana Ng," "Twisting," "Birdhouse In Your Soul" and their one-song encore, an extended version of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" which eventually got the entire crowd out of their seats to close out the night. If you've been to a show at the Apple Store, then you know that the sound isn't great, and yeah, it does feel a little weird. But if anything, the one-hour performance made me really excited to get to see them in an outdoor park next week where it will certainly be louder, longer and probably a bit more festive (in other words... beer will be available). Don't miss out on TMBG next Friday, July 29 at the Williamsburg Waterfront. It is FREE.

Check out a full set of photos of They Might Be Giants at the Apple Store SoHo from yesterday, as well as their setlist below...

They Might Be Giants - Apple Store SoHo - July 20th, 2011
Never Knew Love
Can't Keep Johnny Down
Ana Ng
Memo To Human Resources
Alphabet of Nations
You Probably Get That A Lot
Doctor Worm
Birdhouse In Your Soul
Judy Is Your Viet Nam

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

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