Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Audio Dynamite played Roseland Ballroom

It's definitely a thrill to see a living member of the Clash play guitar
Mick Jones's Big Audio Dynamite played the very large Roseland Ballroom last night. I'm not sure if all 3,000 of those $74 tickets sold out, but the crowd was definitely packed. The band played a little over ninety minutes including two encores, chronologically shuffling through the B.A.D. catalog, ending with "E=MC2" and finishing with "Rush." They sounded great. There were quite a few moments where it hit me that I was actually watching Mick Jones of the fucking CLASH(!!!) perform and he sounded just as good as ever.

But the weirdest thing that happened throughout the night was when a minor cat fight broke out mere inches away from me about three songs into B.A.D.'s set. I don't know exactly what prompted it, but some people around me seemed to be very uptight about their surrounding neighbors dancing. One girl was ushered away from the fight by her boyfriend and that was the end of that. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I got to shoot the show for BrooklynVegan, and even though there was some sort of mix up and I didn't get my photopass, I still managed to get some shots from the crowd. Bill Pearis from BV and Sound Bites (who I finally got to meet) was there and wrote a more in depth review. You can check out the full gallery and Bill's review over at here!